Wednesday, 13 August 2014


This summer it was time for another trip to London! :)

Originally I designed this blog to be about my 2012-trip to London - then I expanded it to include my previous trips as well ... and now I'm expanding again! :)
The "blog"-part of this site will be about my London trips, from the 2012-trip and forward - and the pages will cover my previous trips (I am aware I'm still missing a few things from my earlier trips, but for now, I will try to focus on the latest one).

If you want to go back and read about my trip in 2012 that is fine, but I do believe some of the images won't work, I apologize for that but I won't spend too much time trying to fix them now, but instead focus on getting everything about this most recent trip up to date.
As the trip took place during the summer, I had no internet access before or immediately after, so there have been no introductory posts here. Instead I will try to start off with an entry describing this trip, how it came about and what preparations were made (circumstances were a bit special too) - and then I will continue with posts on the actual trip.

I like the idea of one blog entry per day on the trip, but I'm not sure I can follow my pattern from 2012 with one photo-post from each day - as I have saved 1011 photos from the trip (no, I won't post all of them - duh! - but I will have a hard time choosing, and I'm guessing there will be a lot of photos here!) ... but I'm thinking of doing thematic photo-posts instead, I think that will be easier.

I do have a lot of other things to do as well right now, so I'm not sure when, or how often, I will be able to add posts to this blog, but I'm still trying to remain in my London-state-of-minde (which is a great one!!), so hopefully I will be able to spend at least some time every day on this blog! :)


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