Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Next London Trip!

Wow, celebrating 50 entries in this London blog with news of my next London trip!

I was sooo excited when we came back from London, and I couldn't stop myself from checking out flights and hotels - and before I knew it I had found an amazing trip!! So again, couldn't help myself, and now I'm in the process of planning for another London trip! *LOL!*

So I'm leaving on 5 October, will spend five nights at what I think is a really great hotel, then go back on 10 October - the flight was almost ridiculously cheap, I paid about 365 SEK for it, which is about £32 (or EUR 40, or $53)!
The hotel was quite cheap as well, by London standards £375 (about 4400 SEK, EUR 474, $625).

I haven't planned much yet, as I have a lot of other things to do right now, and the trip is still more than a month away - but I simply had to book a ticket to Les Misérables, AND I managed to get a decent seat on the evening show of 8 October - when they celebrate their 29th birthday! I am SO looking forward to that! :)

Will continue to update this blog with more news of my upcoming trip!

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