Monday, 1 October 2012

Photos - Day 2

Quite a number of photos from Day 2, I will try to make them a little easier to look at by describing where they are from first. I do recommend that you read through my (long, yes, I know!) entry on Day 2 first, as it will make it easier for you to know where I went and where the photos are taken.

First three photos, the not-so-fantastic view from my hotel window! :-)

Then I went on a walk through Hyde Park, and took a lot of photos! :-) The last two photos are of my friend the Squirrel, in the Rose Garden! :-)

Then, when I finally managed to make it down to Parliament Square, it was time to photograph again! Photos from Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge, both sides of the bridge.

Photos from the ride on London Eye!

More from Parliament Square:

Photos from Buckingham Palace.

And from St. James' Park.

The amazing man feeding the squirrels and the birds! :-)

And more from St. James' Park - including the cool Pelicans! :-)

From the Horse Guards.

Around Trafalgar Square and Admiralty Arch - note the totally cool sightseeing "bus", LondonDuckTours! :-)

And a very tired Jessica at the hotel room after a bit too much walking, an intense but really great day! :-)


The Darkest Night said...

Wonderful photos!! They sure turned out super-great!

(I think the view from the hotel room looks familiar too lol)

Cool to see photos from Hyde Park as I seem to mostly hang out in Kensington Gardens! Beautiful photos!

The photo of Westminister Bridge is totally awesome!

Also great to see some sunny photos from the London Eye (unlike mine LOL)

This entry really reminds me I should go to Buckingham Palace next time, as I've only been there once (when we were there...and that was pretty brief I think? All I remember is that it was crowded LOL)

A bit confused by the parks..I thought you went to St James' park, not Regents park?

The Duck tour bus is lovely!! I really want to take that tour! LOL Actually any bus tour would probably be great.

Nice pic of you! Impressed that you took it yourself..I tried to take some of me when I was in London but they turned out pretty awful...

Jessica said...

Happy to hear you liked the photos! :)

LOL - about the hotel (Orchard Hotel Paddington, 86-90 Sussex Gardens?)! :)

I love both Hyde Park and Kensington Garden, though it seems I have ended up closer to Marble Arch a few times now and so it has mostly been Hyde Park ... but basically all parks in London are awesome, I think! :)

I was SO lucky on London Eye, as they had promised bad weather coming in from the west - it doesn't really show in these photos but in some of my photos there are really heavy clouds out west - and we did get some rain during the afternoon - so I was lucky to catch the ride while the weather was still good! :)

Buckingham Palace is very majestic, though I never went inside, or saw the change of the guards. Yes, we went there briefly in 2006, but we were tired and it was crowded and I think we were more concerned about finding a bus then actually checking out the Palace! *lol!*

You're absolutely right about the parks, of course it was St. James' Park, I had a brain freeze or something (might have something to do with the fact that I'd hoped to check out Regent's Park but never got the time!) - I have changed it now! Thanks for pointing that out!

Those bus tours seems awesome, I never seem to get around to taking one of them, but I think you'd see a lot if you went on one of them!

Yeah, it wasn't easy photographing yourself, as you can't use the flash and for some reason I get really shaky when I point the camera at myself or at a mirror ... tried to take one the very last day, but they all were just a huge blur, so no luck there! Glad you liked it though! :)

The Darkest Night said... it doesn't really ring a bell! LOL Either I've lived there and forgotten about it, or there's another hotel that looks the same! *confused*

I think I've always lived closer to Kensington Gardens....and I just know my way around there much better..I do reallly want to check out the area near Marble Arch (including Hyde Park) better next time....I'm still curious about that giant horse head..or whatever it was lol

london eye is so cool! I really want to go on it again someday, especially when it's better weather.

yeah I think you're right about Buckingham palace...will need to check it out better some day...

LOL no worries about the parks, they are easy to get mixed up!
I've never been to Regents that where London zoo is?

yeah, the tour bus seems really cool...I think my "problem" has been that it would basically take an entire day to go on one, and although it's probably worth it as you get to see soo much, it's still hard to find the time to do it...

Jessica said...

LOL! Think it's pretty cool that you recognize the hotel ...:)

I think both Hyde Park and Kensington Garden are amazing ... though it took me to my third London-trip to realize the difference between them! LOL!

Yeah, London Eye is so cool! When the ride was coming to an end I was thinking, maybe I could stay in the pod and go one more time?! :) Guess they wouldn't have approved of that though ... I can understand you want to go when the weather is a bit better too. I think it'd be fantastic to go at sunset ... just as the sun is setting and it's getting dark - so cool! :)

Yeah, Regent's Park is where London Zoo is, really wanted to visit this time as I was up that way, but I had a date with the Phantom of the Opera (*lol*) and had no time - apparently if you get up to Primrose Hill (northern part of Regent's Park) you're supposed to have an amazing view over central London ...

I so know what you mean about the bus tours, since it's usually hop on-off, and it is kind of expensive, you really should set aside one whole day ... still, would be cool to do at some point! :)

The Darkest Night said...


I think I'd like to spend an entire day on the Eye....probably not allowed though LOL

yeah, it probably is really amazing when it's getting dark!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I don't think they'd be too happy if you tried to stay in there too long! *lol*

Saw that they had this supercool "double" London Eye ticket, where you get one ride during the day and one ride at night - think that would be awesome! :D

The Darkest Night said...

oh..that sounds great!! I want a double-ticket!!

Jessica said...

Yeah, me too! :) I bet it's awesome (but probably quite expensive ...)!!

The Darkest Night said...