Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Photos - Day 4

Mostly photos from London Zoo on Day 4, as this was the big thing that I did!

My favourites are the last two penguin photos - and I think the lama is totally cute (photo no. 5 here)! :-)

And a few photos from Her Majesty's Theatre:

Finally two photos of my tiger and fridge magnet that I bought at London Zoo (these photos were taken when I got home):


The Darkest Night said...

Lovely photos!

Her Majesty's Theatre really looks awesome !(I've never had the sense to take a proper photo of it LOL...too lazy to cross the street I suppose..)

Also love the zoo-photos! Especially the penguins! And the apes (no idea what that kind is called in english lol)...

the stuffed tiger you got is really cute!! :)

Jessica said...

Glad you like 'em!
Yeah, Her Majesty's Theatre is actually quite impressive - if you cross the street! LOL!! :)

The penguins were adorable - and the monkeys (yeah, I have no clue either, there were a LOT of monkeys/apes there, there were signs but I'm sure there were like 10-15 different kinds, so I felt rather clueless!

Yeah, I like my stuffed tiger ... btw ... his name is Gavroche! (yup there's a story to that as well, but I guess we can get into that in private, right?! *lol*)

The Darkest Night said...

Yeah...I've never bothered to cross the street! LOL (last time I was there I was in a hurry to pick up my ticket..I had planned to go back outside after that, but the place got crowded pretty fast (since it was Peter Jöback's premiere I suppose) so I decided not to... and afterwards I really just wanted to get back to the hotel without any issues (since it was really late)...

I always tend to hang out at the ape-section A LOT at our zoo (reminds me that I really want to go there again before they close compleatly for the season...if only my injured knee could stop hurting sometime...*sigh* such a waste with a year-pass and only one visit..)... anyway, we only have four different kind of apes I think.... but still pretty cool :) and I like the cheetahs a lot too... The penguins are cool but for some reason I can never get any good photos of them at our zoo (even though they are rather close by)...

Nice name! I'm looking forward to meeting Gavroche and hearing all about him! :)

Jessica said...

LOL! Well, I can understand why you never got around to crossing the street. I came on the bus, the bus stop IS on the other side of the street so it wasn't that big a deal just to grab my camera! :)

Apes and monkeys are really cool - I think I actually missed one monkey section of the London Zoo ...:/

Yeah, not long now until you will meet Gavroche and hear his story! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Yeah...and I took the subway LOL (And even managed to get a little lost on the way there (because I was so sure where I was going LOL)....oh well, next time i'll try to cross the street :)

yay!! Will be so much fun to see Gavroche - and you! :) (reminds me I really need to book some train tickets soon..oops..)