Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Photos - Day 5

First some photos from my bus-ride - photos from Oxford Street, Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus! :-)

Outside St. Paul's Cathedral:

From the Millennium Bridge:

The Tower of London:

LOTS and lots of photos Tower Bridge and Tower Bridge Exhibition! :-)

From the 'Engine Room':

The cool little model of Tower Bridge:

More from Tower Bridge (and the Tower of London) :)

Photos from bus RV1 - first from London Bridge, looking at Tower Bridge - then from Waterloo Bridge, looking at London Eye, Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament/Big Ben.

Westminster Abbey - the last photos from the 'cloisters' inside the abbey - otherwise photographing was not allowed.

And finally, my hotel - Orchard Hotel (86-90 Sussex Gardens) - and Sussex Gardens (first photo looking east, second photo looking west):


The Darkest Night said...

No photo of the handbag? :(

Gotta say Tower Bridge looks amazing!! I need to go see it!!
Awesome photos!

Jessica said...

Oh my, forgot to take a photo of the handbag - will fix it! *promise*

It was really a fantastic exhibition, and one I definitely can recommend (I didn't pay anything as it is included on the London Pass, but even without a pass, it's not that expensive - £8 for adults - just the souvenirs that are expensive, right?! *lol*)!
I guess here the zoom lens would have been cool to have (and on London Eye and at the Zoo), but I still think I got some nice photos - I'm glad you like 'em too! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Yay! I want to see the handbag! :)

Sounds awesome! How much did the London Pass cost?

Jessica said...

LOL! Due to my neglect of the blog, now you HAVE seen the handbag :) - but I will try to post a photo here anyway, just in case anybody else would like to see it ... :)

I think the 2 Day London Pass (without the 1-6 Zone Travel card - you can choose if you want to include that as well) cost somewhere around £57 - if I remember correctly ... I for one fell in love with the idea, definitely will use it in the future as well! :)
(will try to write more about it in an upcoming entry, a sort of "after-the-face-evaluation") :)