Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Quick Decision - Or Not?

(Tower Bridge, 2009)

I really have thought about going to London ever since Annika and I went there in 2009 - I very much wanted to go on my own and prove to myself that I really could cope with it in a good way (I went on a short London trip by myself in 2004, info on that will be available eventually, but that really wasn't a good trip, it was way too soon!) ... but somehow life in general got in the way of my plans.

During late spring and summer this year I did start to think about it a bit more, but it was still nothing like actually planning or checking out available flights or hotels, but still, I did think about it.

Then, about 1½ weeks ago, I had nothing much to do and started just checking flights and hotels in London - and before the day was gone, I had booked a trip! *yikes!!*
I really don't make decisions that quickly so it was a bit of a chock, I'm still not sure it has completely sunken in! Still, I think I got a lot for my money! :) I have a return flight with Ryanair and five nights at what seems to be a really nice hotel in Bayswater/Paddington for about 4500 SEK (about £430, $690, 530 Euros)!

There is a lot going on in my life right now, apart from this London trip, so I'm feeling quite stressed out and rather nervous about pretty much everything, but so far, I'm totally excited about London! Nervous too, of course, this will really be the first time I go anywhere truly on my own, but at the same time I'm really confident I actually CAN cope with this on my own, and do so in a good way.

I have compiled this blog/website to really try to make the most of this London trip - even though of course I will update my Swedish blog about London stuff as well (though for details I will refer my Swedish readers here as well) - to get in the spirit of the trip by remembering my previous trips! :)

The 2012 blog will of course be all about this trip - I will try to update as I plan my trip, and when I get home, you will get detailed entries about my trip as well as tons and tons of photos (I will check in one bag so I'm taking my both my cameras, and hopefully my zoom lens as well!).
On the other pages of this blog you will find entries and photos from my previous London trips as well as my musical experiences in London too ... these pages are currently under construction, and I will let you know as more and more stuff become available!

I hope you will enjoy this London focused blog/website - maybe almost as much I as I enjoy making it! :-)

Take care!


The Darkest Night said...

I hope you have a totally wonderful time in London!!hugs!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much sis!! *hugs!*