Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hotel Drama!

It's been a bit of a drama regarding the hotel where I'm staying in London - I'm hoping it's all sorted out now.

I booked it quite a while ago, and there were some sort of "strange" things with the booking. I booked through and found a special offer regarding this hotel. Usually when you book there you don't have to pay for the room straight away, you pay when you check in at the hotel. However, I found a special offer which was a lot cheaper but it meant they would charge me right away and if I had to cancel my trip I wouldn't be able to get my money back.They had only one room left so I went through and booked as fast as I could - however, they never charged me for the room!
I figured there had been a mix up and that they would charge me when I checked in, after all, I had all the booking confirmations and booking number and all that.

On Thursday night (or early Friday?) I emailed the hotel to verify their reception hours, as I will be checking in rather late tomorrow night (will probably reach the hotel around 9 p.m.).
Then I went for a short visit to my families, it was to be a nice visit but quite hectic and I was rather nervous about it. And when I am on my way and feeling stressed about most things, I get an email from the hotel saying they don't have a booking in my name, could I please check it and get back to them!!!!
It totally freaked me out, mostly because I was in a rather stressful situation at the time, and also because I wasn't home, I didn't have access to all my booking information and while I absolutely LOVE my cell phone, sending complicated emails isn't that easy to do!!
There was nothing I could do at the time, as I was on a train - and once I got to where I was going, it was totally full steam ahead with a very full schedule!! Luckily I went to turn my cell phone off at one point and found out that I had another email - this one saying basically, forget the last email, everything is okay, reception is open 24h, check in any time!

I sure hope this means it really IS okay, because it wouldn't be so great to arrive in London late at night and not have any place to stay! However, I feel that I do have all the confirmations and vouchers I need, so if the hotel has messed up, they'd better find a way to solve it as well!


The Darkest Night said...

Yikes! I hope everything is ok with your booking! I suspect even if not then the hotel will still be able to find you a room since I think they are rarely full, but judging by the last e-mail everything is ok - so try not to worry!

Jessica said...

Thanks! Well I have been a little concerned as it is a little hotel and I basically booked the last room (said one room left when I booked!), but according to the email it should be fine - and since I have done everything right, they simple will have to work something out for me ...

Of course I do think about it, but I'm trying not to worry too much!

The Darkest Night said...

I hope it works out! *fingers crossed*

Jessica said...

It worked out! LOL! :)