Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Lion King

I've been trying to decide on whether to watch The Lion King or not while in London.
I really really want to see it, I have a feeling it's an amazing musical, but when I first thought about it the tickets were totally expensive!

Then, I got an offer at reduced prices, which I was very  happy about of course!!
However, the only way I would get to see it was an evening show, and the theatre is quite a distance from my hotel ... I've been debating this with myself ever since I got the offer in the mail.

Now I have made the decision not to see it.
I know I might regret it, but the fact is ... well, things haven't been working out very smoothly for me during the last week (or a couple of weeks), I've been stressing out a lot, and now I took this superquick visit to my old hometown to watch my Dad receive a prestigious award, which also was a bit stressful. The point is, I'm not quite harmonious and feel totally at ease about this trip, I am quite nervous and anxious and stressed out about a lot of things, and I feel like adding one more thing on top of that is quite unnecessary!
Had I gotten tickets to The Lion King, I think it would have been Thursday night, and I'm pretty sure I would have spent most of my trip thinking and worrying about that - and I have enough things to worry about right now.

I am of course hoping that this trip will work out okay, meaning I will hopefully be able to save money and go back to London fairly soon - and I'm hoping to be able to see The Lion King (and other musicals) then instead.
At least the decision is made now, so I don't have to think about it any more - and hopefully I won't regret it too much either! :)


The Darkest Night said...

Sounds like you made the right decision. While I'm sure it's a wonderful musical (I really want to see it too!), you don't want to add any extra stress....and worrying about it all the trip would surely ruin things for you....

Jessica said...

Yeah I think so too!
Had things been a bit more calm and smooth here during the last week or so, I probably would have booked TLK as well, but as I'm a bit more stressed out BEFORE I go to London than I'm really comfortable with, I think I will have enough stress going through the rest of the trip without worrying about this as well!