Saturday, 15 September 2012

Travel Card - Part II

Since I was a bit worried about what to do regarding my travelling in London, I thought it best to make an update here!

I ended up ordering an 7 Day Travel Card online, which I think is a really good option, but I was really worried I wouldn't get it in time for my trip. I also had no opportunity to choose an insured delivery option, as I wouldn't be able to be at home, waiting to sign for the delivery ... it was a bit of a chance, but I felt I had to take it.

I ordered the travel card early early on Thursday morning, and during Thursday afternoon I got an email saying the travel card had just been sent, and if it didn't arrive within five working days I shouldn't contact them.

I was surprised, to say the least, to find an envelope from Boxoffice among the rest of my mail yesterday afternoon (Friday) - with my Travel Card!! :)

It feels SO good to actually have the card with me when I go, so I don't have to think about that the first thing I do when I arrive in London.
I do know, however, that I really should take the underground from Liverpool Street station when I arrive - it's a bit longer walk from Edgeware Road Underground station to my hotel than from the bus stop, but the trip takes like 20 minutes .... in comparison with the bus which will take an hour.
Don't think I'll decide on that right now either, it feels a bit adventurous to try on the underground system for the first time ever when I have just arrived in London, it's a bit late at night, and I need to check in to the hotel as soon as possible - but still, if it cuts my travel time in half, it's certainly worth thinking about ...


The Darkest Night said...

Happy to hear your travel card arrived so fast! That's great!

While I find subway easier than bus (as I never seem to understand which way the bus will be going lol), I'd still recommend choosing the form of travel that you feel most comfortable with when you arrive. Whatever reduces the stress is a good thing, so if you feel better taking the bus - then who cares if it takes half an hour longer? You have several days left to try the subway if you want to, but I wouldn't start with that if you feel stressed out by it.

Jessica said...

Yeah, it was a great relief to get the card so quickly!

I think I'm definitely going to take the bus when I first arrive. I am a bit concerned about arriving late, I'm going to email the hotel, not sure how late the reception desk is open, but I still think it's better to go by bus the first thing as I feel like that's something I know.
Not sure about the underground, it is a lot quicker but for some reason I feel like I'd walk down into one underground station and never ever find my way back up again! *lol* Guess I'll see how I feel once I'm there ...:)

The Darkest Night said...

Sounds like a good plan!

I have a feeling this won't be your last trip to London, so if you don't end up trying the subways this time I'm sure there will be more chances. :)

Jessica said...

*lol* We think alike! I certainly HOPE this won't be my last trip to London, so I think the travel situation will sort itself out once I'm there! :)

The Darkest Night said...

i'm sure it will :)