Friday, 21 September 2012

Aiport Transfers

Things are actually insanely hectic right now, so unfortunately I'm not quite sure what I'm doing regarding London - and I'm not updating much here either.

This entry to to say, though, that I now have booked all my airport transfer tickets. I'll go with Swedish "Flygbussarna" from Lund to Malmö Sturup, have a return ticket there, valid from September 19 and three months on - so no worries on that!

I have also booked Stansted Express tickets for my English Airport Transfer - return ticket, valid from September 24 and 30 days on. I need to collect the Stansted Express tickets upon arriving at Stansted Airport but that shouldn't be a problem, basically you enter in a booking number in a machine and it gives you your ticket ... so I'm hoping I won't have any problems there! :-)

Still have a few things to fix regarding the London trip, and now I'll be away for two days - so yes, things are pretty stressed out right now!!


The Darkest Night said...

good that you got it booked! (I think when i booked my stansted express ticket they sent it by post, but this should work fine too! )

Jessica said...

Yeah, feels good to have fixed that beforehand.
I got a pretty good discount (like £8 or something) booking through Ryanair, and the only option was to collect them at the airport, but I'm sure there's no worries ...