Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Smartphone or Not?

Another decision I'm facing for my London trip is whether to bring my smartphone or not - well, I'll probably bring it, I'm just not sure if I'm going to use it! :)
I do have an old 'back-up-cellphone' which I will be using for the trip, but I just love my smartphone's camera and the photo apps I'm using and being able to update Facebook and Instagram ... Unfortunately it's so hideously expensive to connect to the internet on my cellphone now, and I'm not sure that it's going to be worth it.

I've been thinking along the lines of bringing the phone to take regular photos - no need to connect to the internet doing that, meaning that should not be so expensive ... and then I'll simply upload the photos when I get back home, and let Instagram and the other photo apps work their magic then. The only thing lost on that is I won't be able to upload the photos when I actually take them, and I won't be able to "check in" on Facebook or add the photos to my photo map in Instagram ... but I guess that's not the end of the world, right?! :-)
I think I'm going to do that - and at least that should keep me occupied when I travel from Mamlö Airport on Saturday September 29th, right?! :-) Being able to relive all the great moments from the trips by uploading photos isn't so bad! *lol*


The Darkest Night said...

Well..why not bring the smartphone instead of the little camera (if you were planning to bring it)?

I always like to have my small one as well as the big one on trips, because sometimes you just don't want to bring a big camera but then you might end up seeing something you just want to take a picture of anyway, so a small camera is nice :) If that makes any sense?

Jessica said...

That's an idea ... hadn't thought of that! :)
Still not sure what to do about the camera/phone stuff, as my smartphone drains SO much batteries and I don't have a travel adaptor, so I can't charge the batteries when I'm in London ... looks like I'm going to bring EVERYTHING (lucky I paid for one checked-in bag, right?!? *lol*), I bascially only want the smartphone camera for cool pics with the photo apps, but as I won't be able to charge I probably won't be able to use it so much - so I might end up bringing my small camera as well ... need to think about that a bit more though, I think! :)

The Darkest Night said...

decisions are not easy! :)

I bought a travel adapter for my last london trip (mostly because I was travelling alone..and my phone tends to some days just drain the battery in no time...other times it can last a week! I think it's time to get a new phone soon...lol..), but the only one I could find was pretty big as you could change it to work in several countries...lol

Jessica said...

I know ... still not sure how it will work out, but since I have the space I'll bring all my cameras and my smartphone and I'll just see how it goes. I have another older cell phone for calls/messages...

I really should have gotten a travel adapter as well, but when it turned out there were SO many options (only for England or UK, or for all the world, or only for grounded outlets, or not grounded outlets), well, I haven't had time to figure out what I actually need.
It's a bit of a worry, as I'm gone for six days, but it's basically my regular cellphone I need to worry about and I'm thinking I'll have it turned off and just put it on to send messages every now and then, so it should be okay!