Sunday, 23 September 2012

London Pass

After lots of thinking and lots of checking I decided to order a 2 Day London Pass!
For detailed information, check out this website: The London Pass.

You basically pay for the pass, and get a cool guide-book as well, and you have free entry to a TON of cool attractions in London. I know this is sometimes not the best option, because you won't have time to fully use all the advantages of the pass, and so it won't be that expensive in the end anyway - but I think I have checked it out pretty thoroughly, and I think it's a great solution for me! :-)

Not sure I will have time to do everything I want to, but I will definitely try - and if I do, I save almost £30 on buying the pass, amazing!!

I will use the card on Thursday and Friday (took me a while to decide on what days to use it as well, but I think this is the best solution), and what I'll try to do during those two days (as well as a matinee show of Phantom of the Opera on Thursday!) is:

  • The Tower of London - been there twice, I know, but it's such an amazing place!
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition - seems amazing, you actually get to go up onto Tower Bridge!
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Westminster Abbey
  • London Zoo 
  • Thames River Boat Cruise
  • (And maybe The Monument, but not quite sure about that one, doesn't seem that important, so if I don't have time, this will be the first to go!)
Sounds pretty amazing, huh?! :)

*totally looking forward to my trip!!!!*


The Darkest Night said...

that sounds really awesome!

Jessica said...

Yup - will write more about it in coming entries! :)